How Realtors Help

In a time when more and more people are attempting to sell their homes on their own, many are asking what does a Realtor actually do for me? That is a great question. Often Realtors go about their business and sell a home without really informing their seller clients what they are doing behind the scenes. Here is just the tip of the ice berg.



A Real Estate Professional is here to lead you through the process of selling your home and steer you away from any problems that may occur.  Real Estate Agents have your best interest at heart and must put that above the interest of buyers and even themselves.

Your Realtor owes you the highest level of fiduciary duties, full disclosure, confidentiality, honesty, and integrity.  They are here to help you. 


Determine Market Value

By comparing your home to other similar homes that have recently sold in your neighborhood as well as examining the homes that are currently on the market we will come up with an appropriate price for your home in today's market.


Help get your home Market Ready


You live in your home much differently than you sell your home.  Realtors have experience in getting your home market ready.  They know what buyers are looking for and how to showcase your home's best features.  Making your home look as large as possible will bring your more money at the end of the day.  After all buyers are buying square footage, so give them that!


Professionally Marketing your home

Realtors know how to professionally market your home.  It is much more than just sticking a sign in the lawn.  Every single step in the marketing of your home is deliberate and proven to bring the best results.

Professionally marketing your home involves properly pricing, preparing, and staging your home for sale.  Professional photographs, virtual tours, listing information, brochures, feature sheets, and postcards.  A multitude of powerful online mediums, SEO (search engine optimization), and social media are a must.  Open houses and Realtor networking also play a large role.

A Real Estate Professional can create a unique marketing plan for your home that will bring the best results based on your type of home, location, and the buyer to whom you are marketing too.


Network of other Realtors and buyers in the area

Your Real Estate Agent is part of a bigger picture.  They are part of a team that includes office staff, brokers, many other Realtor colleagues in the same office and in others, and of course buyers!

Realtor's often know of new listings that will be coming to the market as well as buyers who may be looking in your area.


Get Honest Feedback

Feedback is essential when your home is not moving fast enough.  Is the price right?  Is the home showing to it's best potential?  Why are buyers hesitating?

If you know what is holding buyers back from making an offer, than you can make adjustments as needed.


Qualifying Buyers

This refers to making sure to ask the right questions to ensure that they buyers viewing your home or offering on your home are in a position to actually purchase your specific home.

It is heart breaking to find out a week later after negotiating back and forth, having a home inspection, possibly moving forward with your new home and then finding out that the buyer's financing fell through.  It happens all of the time.  Preventing this came save a lot of time, energy, and frustration.



Negotiating can sometimes be an art.  Having a professional working for you will mean more money in your pocket.

Realtors are professionals in negotiating.



The agreement of purchase and sale is complicated.  Ensuring that it is properly filled out and the appropriate clauses and conditions are there to protect you.

A mistake in the agreement of purchase and sale or any other documents that must be accompanied can lead to costly repercussions.  Don't risk a lawsuit or agreement that doesn't close.   


Referrals- Lawyers, Home Inspectors, Movers, Contractors, Roofers, Septic Inspectors

Any professional that you may need in the process of buying or selling a home your Realtor can help with.  Moving people is our business.  A realtor can provide the name of trades people, lawyers, home inspectors, movers, and so much more that come highly recommended.


Preventing Problems- and fixing them when they do occur

When you don't know what could happen, you don't know what to look for.  Although you hire a professional to steer you away from any problems that may occur.  The truth is that sometimes issues that are out of our control arise.

Knowing how to resolve issues that may occur so that your home will still close is key.


Pull all of the pieces together

From start to finish there are many steps involved in the sale of your home.  Your Realtor will take care of all of the details.


Prepare you for a smooth closing

At the end of the day moving your family can be a stressful time.  The reality is that there is a never ending list of things to do.

You take care of the packing and your Real Estate Agent will ensure that everything else is taken care of.


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