The Truth behind Open Houses


Sellers are becoming more and more skeptical about whether open houses REALLY work. It seems to be a split opinion between sellers who open their doors to as many potential buyers as possible and those who feel that unless you are a proven qualified buyer, they don’t want you walking through the front door of their home.


The truth of the matter is, hosting an open house does create the opportunity to have people come through your home that otherwise would not have had the opportunity to do so. This is referring to the general public, who are not yet working with a real estate professional and perhaps are just starting out in the search for a new home.


On the other hand, it is also true that nosy neighbors always seem it stop by and quite often people who would be purchasing in a quite different price range peak in to see if there is any chance that your home falls within their budget.


Some homeowners are concerned with strangers snooping around their home and peaking in their closets…to them I say, that is what having your home for sale is all about. Buyers want to be able to see exactly what it is they are buying. In particular, the inside of a closet, pantry, or cupboards are very important places because people need to be able to see if all of their stuff will be able to fit.


In reality the amount of times that an open house visitor actually purchases the home is typically very small. However it does happen from time to time.


I once represented a very nice family in the sale of their home who mentioned to me that the previous 3 homes that they had sold all sold from an open house. 


This certainly made me a believer!


The moral of the story is the more potential buyers you can coax into coming through your home the better. Every buyer is not necessarily going to be qualified to be the buyer of your home but you might just get lucky!

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