Getting Your Home Market Ready!


The reality is that we live in our home much differently from how we should sell our home.


Similarly, if you were to sell your car, you would vacuum, polish, wash, and make any repairs so that it showed in its best possible light. You would never show your car to potential buyers with your kid’s toys in the back seat, garbage on the floor, and crumbs in the cup holders. The same applies when selling your home.


The 3 most important things that you need to address when selling your home are:


  1. 1.De-cluttering


Clearing countertops and surfaces, putting away toys and extra nic-nacs that distract the eye will make your home look more appealing to buyers and will actually look bigger. And since you are selling square footage, the bigger your home can look, the better!


Sometimes we have a large amount of family photos on side tables or a family of stuffed animals on beds. All of these items will attract a buyer’s eye and take away from what you want them to notice…your beautiful home! You will be moving anyway, so packing up some of these items will just help get you ready for the big day.


  1. 2.Cleaning and Repairs


There is absolutely nothing worse than someone else’s dirt. A good spring cleaning will make your home sparkle. In my experience, even if a home is outdated, buyers will be more likely to live with the outdated décor if the home is clean and well maintained.


Don’t forget about smells. Smoking or pets can be a huge turnoff for people. Air fresheners or plug-ins can make all of the difference. If smells still don’t seem to be going anywhere they may be in your carpets or walls. In this case having your carpets cleaned and a fresh coat of paint might be necessary.


There are always little projects that we mean to get to but never find the time to. Even the most interested buyer will go through your home with a critical eye. They are looking for reasons to justify paying a lower price…don’t give them the option.


Spending a weekend doing a few repairs could make the difference of getting top dollar for your home, or not.


  1. 3.Curb Appeal


A buyer often decides whether your home is a good fit for them buy the time they take the first step through the door.


Entice them to want to see more. Make sure the grass is cut, weeds are pulled, and gardens are spruced up. A nice set of table and chairs and a planter full of colorful flowers may be all it takes to convince them from the street that they should call and book an appointment.


Turn on your lights.  Even if you don't have any showings scheduled leave your outdoor lights on in the evening.  It is welcoming and inviting.  The reality is, most buyers are driving around exploring neighborhoods after work.  In the winter months, it is dark even in the early evening.  So light up your home and catch peoples attention.



With a couple days of hard work your home will be market ready and sellable in any market. For specific suggestions for your home give me a call today. It would be my pleasure to help you get your home ready for sale and looking like a model home.

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