Marketing your Home

Pricing, preparing, and staging your home for sale are all very important parts of marketing your home.  But this is only the very beginning.  The following is a step by step marketing plan to effectively sell your home by showcasing it in the best possible light and exposing it to the most amount of people.




Traditional Methods of Marketing


The tried and tested methods for selling homes do still apply in today's marketplace.  Together with the latest emarketing techniques make for the most impactful marketing campaign.


These are some of the traditional methods of marketing that will be used to effectively market and sell your home.


  • Professional photographs
  • Virtual tour
  • Brochures and feature sheets
  • Post cards
  • Open House
  • Networking
  • The RE/MAX brand



Powerful online mediums are the modern way of marketing your home.  Almost 90% of today's buyers start their search online.  Websites that are high in traffic flow offer a new way of presenting your home to a very large amount of buyers.

Websites such as:

  • (international website)
  • (Canadian website)
  • (local website)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Employing a powerful SEO program placing my name and website on the first page of google searches for Aurora Ontario real estate, homes for sale in Aurora Ontario, and real estate agent in Aurora Ontario puts your listing at the forefront of those same searches. 

Having the most powerful emarketing techniques working for you means a powerful marketing campaign for you.



Social Media

Social media forums such as facebook, linkedIn, twitter, and blogging all add to your online presence and drive online traffic to your home's listing.

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