With 35 years of real estate experience RE/MAX Real Estate Agents have become "The Real Estate Leaders" in quality customer service. Our premier market presence and network provides a host of competitive advantages to ensure that RE/MAX Real Estate Agents have the most to offer you.


Quality Service

When you choose a RE/MAX Real Estate Agent to help you sell or purchase a home, you'll experience a whole new level of service.
RE/MAX Real Estate Agents are "The Hometown Experts With a World of Experience." They make their living in the same communities in which they live. They're the people next-door, or just down the block.
RE/MAX Real Estate Agents lead the industry in advanced real estate education and production. That's why they're known as "The Real Estate Leaders" and why no one in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.

Competitive Advantage

With the most competitive advantages by far RE/MAX has proven to be the industry leader for both home buyers and sellers. No one in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.
Brand Recognition

RE/MAX attracts the highest calibre of Sales Associates in the real estate industry. The RE/MAX logo is known throughout the world for top quality and full time real estate professionals.
Marketing Muscle

RE/MAX Sales Associates spend the highest dollar amount on average in marketing. The RE/MAX organization dominates real estate marketing with local, national and international advertising campaigns and web presence. 
Extensive Market Share

RE/MAX Sales Associates, as a group, have more exclusive listings and more customers than agents with any other competing real estate network. 
Global Market

The revolutionary RE/MAX concept of enabling real estate professionals to maximize their business potential has evolved into an organization of more than 96,000 Sales Associates in over 6,200 offices spread across 84 countries worldwide. RE/MAX is one of the fastest growing real estate franchise networks on the planet. Your next buyer could come from across the street or from across the ocean.  
Remax Real Estate Agent

Market Presence

Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX. Clearly #1 in 150 markets across Canada, RE/MAX Real Estate Agents have more selling experience and more marketing muscle to attract more buyers.
RE/MAX has attained Premier Market Presence across North America and it is growing around the world. The top-producing real estate network in North America for several years and is expanding rapidly into Spain, South Africa, Israel, and other international regions.

Leveraging Technology

RE/MAX provides state-of-the-art technological tools that facilitate online leads, listings, sales, referrals, and global networking. RE/MAX supports technology that differentiates Sales Associates in marketing properties and attracting buyers while simplifying their business process.
Offering RE/MAX Real Estate Agents and Broker/Owners the most advanced technological tools and training allows RE/MAX affiliates the ability to; achieve higher levels of communication, increase productivity, and help their business prosper.


In the Community

Community involvement is highly valued at all levels of the RE/MAX organization. From individual associates to offices, regions, and RE/MAX International, RE/MAX is the sole real estate corporate sponsor for the Children's Miracle Network and a co-sponsor of the Breast Cancer Survivor Recognition Program. Committed to community involvement, the RE/MAX network serves the public beyond its real estate needs
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