Staging a home for sale is the process of decluttering, depersonalizing and preparing your home in order to appeal the greatest audience.  






 Ashlee and her staging team's experience and design skill, along with full access to her inventory of beautiful home furnishings, art collection and decor help to establish an emotional connection with buyers (which is the deepest connection they can form).



In just one short day, your home is transformed!  Photography looks sharper, your home will look larger and buyers will start to invision what their life would look like.




Homes that are staged typically sell for 17% more than homes that are not staged and typically sell in 82% less time.





It is estimated that only 10% of home buyers can visualize the potential of a home.  That means 90% are not going to be able to look past dirt, clutter, and imperfections.





Most buyers form an opinion about a home within the first 7-10 seconds of arriving.





According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the longer a property stays in the market, the lower the price it will attract.





A recently conducted NAR poll found out that 90% of potential home buyers start their property search on the internet. Staging your home increases the visibility of your property to potential buyers.










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